The Team

Editor- Philippa Simmonds

Philippa Simmonds

Pippa is from Scotland where she studied medicine and spent three years working as a junior doctor in Glasgow’s hospitals. Now in her second year of the MSc in Global Health, she is interested in the social determinants of health and how physical and political structures can influence them. Outside school she enjoys tea, biscuits and listening to podcasts.

Co-editors- Mary Harasym and Mia Harley

Profile MaryMary is Canadian with a B.A in Psychology. Within the MSc Global Health programme, she is interested in the relation between refugees’ well-being and their access to health care services. In her spare time, she loves discovering new music, getting lost in Reddit threads, watching stand-up comedy, and biking.

Profile MiaMia is from the UK. She studied biochemistry for her bachelors degree but found working in a lab boring and wanted to do something more related to people. Since starting a Masters in Global Health in Copenhagen, she has become interested in non-communicable diseases and more generally targeting health services to under-served communities. In her spare time, Mia enjoys cooking, reading books and drinking wine.

Events coordinator- Finja Dahne

Profile FinjaFinja comes from Germany and has studied Media Science and Sociology in her bachelors. At the moment she works as a student assistant at Novo Nordisk in the section of Global Access to Care. In her studies she is mostly interested in ways to decrease the burden of non-communicable diseases and reducing health inequities. Otherwise, Finja enjoys yoga, good food, spending time with friends and learning about different ways of making daily life more sustainable.

Treasurer- *open position*

Responsibilities include managing our yearly budget from the School of Global Health, submitting accounts online between November and December.

Social media coordinator- Kevin Antunes Lopes

Profile KevinKevin is a second-year Global Health student at the University of Copenhagen and the responsible for social media publications at the Eye on Global Health blog. His academic interests lie on the development of health policies, the link between human rights and health, and research translation. A dedicated runner, reader, and pop culture aficionado, he is always motivated for a calm get-together and spending time talking about deep matters.

Network coordinators- Laura Pohl, Riëtte van Spanje, Thomas Hilberg Rahbek

Laura is from Austria where she studied “Nonprofit-, Social- & Healthcare Management” for her Bachelor degree. She is especially interested in disease patterns and health challenges in low and middle-income countries. In her last year of the MSc program she wants to focus on One Health and health in indigenous populations. She enjoys having lively discussions and loves travelling, hiking and reading books.

1Thomas has a Bachelor in Public Health from University of Southern Denmark, where he also did an internship in the department for Research in Childhood Health. He has a big interest in Urban Health and is currently working on the Cities Changing Diabetes project at Novo Nordisk, focusing on research in urban obesity and diabetes. He also participated and won the 2017 Nordic City Challenge Case Competition. During his studies he has done an exchange program at George Washington University, with a focus on Environmental Health. He is finishing a Master of Science in Global Health from University of Copenhagen in spring 2018.

Visual content coordinator- Ania Filipowicz

Profile AniaAnia is from Poland. She studied Geography in Warsaw and now she is studying Global Health here in Copenhagen. Ania is open to new experiences but seems to have finally found her niche: mental health in the Arctic, and she hopes to work with visual communication. Travelling, sports, board games, tea and above all meeting and chatting with friends is what can make her day great!


Past Team Members

Helen Fodnæss


Helen is Norwegian/American, but spent most her time in the US where she received her bachelors in Human Nutrition and Food Sciences. She also has her masters in global health from the University of Copenhagen which is when she was an editor for the Eye of Global Health Blog. She is now currently working for the National Food Institute at Denmark’s Technical University.


Line Bager


In 2014 Line was awarded a degree in BA Economics and Development Studies from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. She further specialised in economic development of sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on development practice. Line has also worked more than four years in a specialist care home for individuals with severe dementia and completed an internship with DG ECHO in Brussels.

Helen Jane Myrr


Helen is from England and graduated from the University of Exeter in 2011 with a BSc in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. During this time she spent a study abroad year in South Carolina, USA, and as a result feels a particular connection with the ‘deep south.’ Whilst here, it struck her that even in a leading world nation, health equality is far from being achieved, inspiring her to pursue her academic interest in global health.

Helen loves to move about, and has lots of international experience. She has spent 6 months in Peru, working for a street children programme in the town of Huancayo. She has lived in Copenhagen for the past two years, studying pharmaceutical sciences and taking additional courses in nutrition and health.

Her areas of interest include improving access to essential medicines and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Recently she has become very interested in the concept of foetal programming, and how this further aggravates the burden of NCDs. She hopes to specialize in this area.

Sinéad O’Ferrall


I was a main content contributor and editor 2014-2015 and became chief editor 2015 to 2016. My proudest moment working on this endeavour was initiating the change in branding and requesting a budget assigned to the blog, though I could not see it all the way to the end due to graduating. My favourite experience was being invited to the SNIH conference in Stockholm as a panel speaker in 2016.
I am still pursuing writing and academic blogging and you can check my newest blog – ‘Science Says’ ( (done with fellow graduate students in University of Calgary) while I pursue a PhD in helminthic epidemiology with a focus on drug resistance.