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Current Editorial Team



Thomas Hilberg Rahbek


Thomas has a Bachelor in Public Health from University of Southern Denmark, where he also did an internship in the department for Research in Childhood Health. He has a big interest in Urban Health and is currently working on the Cities Changing Diabetes project at Novo Nordisk, focusing on research in urban obesity and diabetes. He also participated and won the 2017 Nordic City Challenge Case Competition. During his studies he has done an exchange program at George Washington University, with a focus on Environmental Health.

He is finishing a Master of Science in Global Health from University of Copenhagen in spring 2018.


Helen Fodnæss


Helen is Norwegian/American and grew up in Belgium, Norway and the United States. She received her bachelors in Human Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Maine. Helen has volunteered in Indonesia teaching children about nutrition and the importance of hygiene. In addition, she has held internships in New York City and Zambia which dealt with sustainable agriculture and reducing barriers of food insecurity.

In August of 2017, Helen graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a masters of science in global health. She is most interested in food security, food policy, malnutrition, obesity, sustainable agriculture, and biofortification of staple crops.


Former blog team members 

Line Bager


In 2014 Line was awarded a degree in BA Economics and Development Studies from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. She further specialised in economic development of sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on development practice.

Line has also worked more than four years in a specialist care home for individuals with severe dementia and completed an internship with DG ECHO in Brussels.

Helen Jane Myrr


Helen is from England and graduated from the University of Exeter in 2011 with a BSc in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. During this time she spent a study abroad year in South Carolina, USA, and as a result feels a particular connection with the ‘deep south.’ Whilst here, it struck her that even in a leading world nation, health equality is far from being achieved, inspiring her to pursue her academic interest in global health.

Helen loves to move about, and has lots of international experience. She has spent 6 months in Peru, working for a street children programme in the town of Huancayo. She has lived in Copenhagen for the past two years, studying pharmaceutical sciences and taking additional courses in nutrition and health.

Her areas of interest include improving access to essential medicines and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Recently she has become very interested in the concept of foetal programming, and how this further aggravates the burden of NCDs. She hopes to specialize in this area.


Sinéad O’Ferrall


Sinéad has traveled to Romania and El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity – a very effective charity focusing on the housing problems of many countries across the world. The stark contrast of ex-communist Romania to civil war-torn El Salvador it sparked in her a deep interest in both the causes of poverty and the impact of poverty on health and then what solutions can be utilised to address this issues.

She also has lived in Malawi, Africa where she worked in a health clinic and set up and ran health education programs. She was deeply moved by the people she met and deeply troubled by the difficulties faced by them every day.

She is a member of Irish Red Cross and was trained as an Emergency First Responder with them. She remains committed to organisation and to their values and principles. She has been involved in the PR of the her local branch of IRC and maintains a small role as secretary while studying the masters program.

She worked with UNFPA as an intern in Uganda before returning to classes to finish her studies and pursue a PhD.