The Committee

Chair – Fleur van Acht

fleurFleur is a Dutch student of many subjects, with a heart for people and a head for business. Having studied at Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht, Fleur is now a first year student of the MSc in Global Health at KU. An aspiring social entrepreneur, Fleur tries to combine her interests in (global) health, politics, psychology, economics, entrepreneurship and anthropology in practice, also in the context of Eye on Global Health. Intrigued by (human) relations and the stories we tell ourselves and others, Fleur is passionate about translating words into action by taking a business approach that is driven by innovation and partnership. In her free time, Fleur loves to workout, go on adventures, sing in the shower, and dance.


Katie Taylor

katieKatie is from San Francisco, California and has a Bachelors in Neuroscience from Brown University. She is currently studying for her Masters in Global Health at the University of Copenhagen, with an interest in reducing stigma in the access to basic healthcare needs. She has previously worked in a low-income sexual health clinic, focusing on abortion care, as well as research within gynecologic oncology. In her spare time, Katie enjoys baking and cooking, hiking, and swimming in the summertime.


Adela Briansó

adela watermelonAdela is from northern Spain, and has a bachelors in Social Anthropology and Politics from the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in the intersections of climate change, feminism and health, and has researched and written on breast cancer in Spain, abortion laws in Argentina and the health impacts of climate change. Adela loves travelling but feels guilty when taking planes.


Treasurer and events coordinator- Molly O’Meara

Profile MollyMolly is from Ireland. She studied Liberal Arts and Sciences for her bachelors in Utrecht, NL, majoring in psychology and anthropology. She is now a second year student of the Global Health MSc, with a passion for sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as equitable health care access for all. She has conducted medical anthropology research with women suffering from maternal morbidity in Zanzibar, and has worked full-time with homeless men in Dublin, aiding them on their pathway out of homelessness, including the facilitation of their healthcare access and medication compliance.


Co-chair of events – Mia Harley

miaMia is from the UK. She studied a bachelors in Biochemistry in Bristol. She is currently doing her thesis on chronic kidney disease in migrant groups in Western Europe. She has a particular interest in provision of chronic disease services to vulnerable population groups, in particular accessibility of care for migrant populations. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and eating delicious food and listening to chilled music.


Co-editor and events coordination – Foteini Nestoridou


Foteini is from Greece and has mostly lived in Thessaloniki. She has a bachelors in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a focus on clinical and social psychology. She is now a second year student in MSc Global Health with a strong interest on health equity, migration and gender. She has conducted research on substance dependence and gender in Thessaloniki, Greece. Foteini loves chilling out with friends, watching movies and travelling.