EOGH Alumni

Past Editors:

Katie Taylor

katieKatie is from San Francisco, California and has a Bachelors in Neuroscience from Brown University. She is currently studying for her Masters in Global Health at the University of Copenhagen, with an interest in reducing stigma in the access to basic healthcare needs. She has previously worked in a low-income sexual health clinic, focusing on abortion care, as well as research within gynecologic oncology. In her spare time, Katie enjoys baking and cooking, hiking, and swimming in the summertime.

Mary Harasym

mary eogh Mary is from Canada, where she obtained her BA in Psychology. She is currently the research and knowledge management assistant at the IFRC PS Centre. Within the MSc Global Health programme, she is broadly interested in psychosomatic health and the structural determinants of health. In her spare time she loves discovering new music, getting lost in Reddit threads, running, and watching stand-up comedy.

Philippa Simmonds

Philippa Simmonds Pippa was main editor of EOGH from September 2018 to December 2019, and continued as co-editor from January 2019 to January 2020. Her major achievements were formalising the blog’s organisational structure, implementing a handover procedure to improve sustainability, and securing an annual budget. She also oversaw an 8-fold increase in average monthly site views during her time on the editorial team, and took a lead role in co-organising the seminar “Decolonising Global Health” in October 2019. She graduated in March 2020, and is pursuing her interest in food and climate policy with a PhD in the UK.

Thomas Hilberg Rahbek

1Thomas has a Bachelor in Public Health from University of Southern Denmark, where he also did an internship in the department for Research in Childhood Health. He has a big interest in Urban Health and is currently working at the Cities Changing Diabetes project at Novo Nordisk, focusing on research in urban obesity and diabetes. He completed his MSc in Spring 2018.

Helen Fodnæss


Helen is Norwegian/American, but spent most her time in the US where she received her bachelors in Human Nutrition and Food Sciences. She also has her masters in global health from the University of Copenhagen which is when she was an editor for the Eye of Global Health Blog. She is now currently working for the National Food Institute at Denmark’s Technical University.

Helen Jane Myrr

Helen-Jane-Myrr.jpg Helen is from the UK and graduated from the University of Exeter in 2011 with a BSc in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. She undertook a Master’s in Global Health at Copenhagen University from 2014 – 2016, during which time she was an Editor and content contributor of the KU Global Health blog. She now works for the Danish division of the academic publishing house, John Wiley & Sons, in their journal management Life Sciences division.

Sinéad O’Ferrall


I was a main content contributor and editor 2014-2015 and became chief editor 2015 to 2016. My proudest moment working on this endeavour was initiating the change in branding and requesting a budget assigned to the blog, though I could not see it all the way to the end due to graduating. My favourite experience was being invited to the SNIH conference in Stockholm as a panel speaker in 2016. I am still pursuing writing and academic blogging and you can check my newest blog – ‘Science Says’ (https://scisaysblog.wordpress.com/) (done with fellow graduate students in University of Calgary) while I pursue a PhD in helminthic epidemiology with a focus on drug resistance.

Past Committee Members:

Fleur van Acht – Events Coordinator

Fleur is a Dutch student of many subjects, with a heart for people and a head for business. Having studied at Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht, Fleur is now a first year student of the MSc in Global Health at KU. An aspiring social entrepreneur, Fleur tries to combine her interests in (global) health, politics, psychology, economics, entrepreneurship and anthropology in practice, also in the context of Eye on Global Health. Intrigued by (human) relations and the stories we tell ourselves and others, Fleur is passionate about translating words into action by taking a business approach that is driven by innovation and partnership. In her free time, Fleur loves to workout, go on adventures, sing in the shower, and dance. Finja Dähne– Events Coordinator 2018/2019 Hajer Hadi– Network Coordinator 2019