Editor’s Mid-Year Review

By Jack Fisher

As the end of January nears, there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel for the Global Health students, as they pass the half way point of year 1. At the start of February we start the final 2 new compulsoray classroom modules titled Health Systems in a Global Context and Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. This will further develop our ever expanding array of skills and knowledge, which we have accumulated since August. Once the 8 weeks have passed, it will be then time for one of the sure-to-be highlights of the course – The Field Trip.

The Global Health students have chosen either Tanzania or Krakow, Poland as their field trip destination, and both options offer an enticing opportunity to put our theory into practice. Therefore there is great anticipation and excitement among both groups to work in these unique environments for 5 weeks, and to be taught by a variety of specialised local lectures.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. The remainder of the year is left to students to pick elective courses, either at Copenhagen University or another institution. There is also the possibility to undertake an internship anywhere in the world, and due to our already diverse backgrounds, it will be intriguing to see where everyone ends up.

Finally there is the exciting prospect of the new batch of Global Health students starting in September 2014. This will only further enhance the reputation of this truly unique course, as it enters it’s second year of establishment. Therefore there is not much left for me to say, apart from keep your eyes peeled on the blog, as there will be a lot of interesting articles to come in 2014.

Interested in becoming a MSc Global Health Student at Copenhagen University ? Click here to find out more.

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