Global Health Students Take to the Field

This week, we – the first batch of Global Health students from Copenhagen University – are heading for our long awaited field trips, with one group traveling to Krakow, Poland, and another group to Moshi, Tanzania. The aim of this 5 weeks trip is to explore a range of global health issues in these two different settings, with the opportunity to meet with local experts, network with fellow students and explore various institutions during a number of visits.

The group traveling to Tanzinia will be located at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, with Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, providing the backdrop for what promises to be an exciting and insightful learning experience.

The group visiting Poland will be staying at the Jagellonian University located in Krakow, one of the oldest universities in Europe, and during the second week of our stay we will be able to enjoy the 650th anniversary of the university with big celebrations all around the city.

Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons
Mt. Kilimanjaro by Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons

Global Health themes

During the field trip all of the students will be working one of three global health themes. The three themes that will be explored are Maternal Health, Cardiovascular Disease and Health Systems in Transition.  One group in Tanzania and one in Poland will be working on each of these themes, with a range of different visits, lectures and trips giving us the opportunity to delve into these areas and gain a comprehensive understanding during the 5 weeks. The groups in the 2 locations working on the same themes will be in regular contact during the field trip in order to share ideas and experiences, with the overall aim being to produce a research proposal that would be feasible and appropriate to further investigate an important research void in the respective country.

Blogging from the field

Over the next 5 weeks we will have blog entries coming from both Poland and Tanzania, each week the entries will focus on one of the three themes, and the final week will be reflections from all the students as to their experiences, the highs and lows and what the main parts that they will take away from the field trip.


Krakow main square
Krakow main square

Exiting times ahead

The editors speak on behalf of all the students when we say that the next 5 weeks are going to be both exciting and challenging. Discovering these diverse countries, getting involved in a range of academic and social events is going to be a great experience for us all, and we look forward to sharing these experiences with you during our stays.

Thanks for reading

The Blog Editors

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