EOGH: Looking back before moving forward

Author: Mary Harasym

The spring semester provided to be a time of great growth for Eye on Global Health and before we move forward with the next academic year, we want to reflect on how it has grown and where it plans to go, as a student blog.

We started the new year with a piece on reflexivity in global health then covered a range of topics: from the effects of the mining industry in Brazil to torture and prison health to the non-specific effects of vaccines to breastfeeding in Ireland. The past semester showed the wide range of subjects that fall under the umbrella of what global health is.

We had authors from around the globe, including Brazil, Austria, and South Africa. In addition to diversifying our authorship, we diversified our content. We started a Podcast Fridays segment to bring you exciting global health topics through different media. We also wanted to connect with people through public events like photo exhibitions and this January we worked with photographer Sasja van Vechgel. Her exhibition was entitled “Transcending gender; an intimate encounter”  held at the Global Art Gallery. This event created an opportunity to reflect on the health related harms that stem from transphobia.

AF - Transcending gender-2 (1)
Sasja can Vechgel introducing the exhibition

In June, we held a successful Biannual General Meeting where we decided we will be keeping the team as is with a few minor adjustments. First, we no longer have a “network coordinator” role as we are trying to keep our work focused before we branch out further. Secondly, we are changing the editing team so Pippa, Adela, and Mary will share the responsibilities rather than having one main editor. We are excited to work together in a flat structure.

Looking forward, Eye on Global Health is happy to announce that we will be hosting a workshop on structural racism and de-colonising the global health curriculum in collaboration with Sammen Mod Racisme (Together Against Racism).  Stay tuned for additional details. We will also be hosting a film screening in the autumn- more information to be announced in August.

We are excited for  the rest of the year, aiming to continue to broaden and deepen our understanding of global health- and how seemingly unrelated challenges and changes can affect it.

With this in mind, we would love to hear your perspectives, knowledge, and experiences. No idea is too big or small. We will have a call for submission in August and you can submit a pitch at any time. We encourage everyone to submit a pitch. It’s an opportunity to share your experiences in global health, expand your knowledge on any global health topic, and practice your writing skills!

bmg june 2019
Members of the Eye on Global Health team

Thank you for your support and readership!

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